Why should I produce testimonial videos for my business?

In general, most people are risk-adverse when it comes to spending their hard-earned money, especially when comes to making a significant purchase.
Think about the way you make purchasing decisions, you will generally “Google” a business and try to establish how “legitimate” they are and whether you can trust them to provide a solution to your problem.

Seeing other customers who have gone before you and had a successful outcome, increases your confidence that it will also happen to you. Why do you think review-based websites like Tripadvisor and Yelp are so popular? People are trying to avoid risk and the pain of making an incorrect decision.

Customer testimonials are a powerful legitimacy verification tool for you to establish credibility and position your business as an authority figure in your field.

But why video when I could just get a written statement?

What do you trust more? A witness account or video evidence? So, what do you think your customers would trust more?
Videos are;
Sharable – on almost every major web & social media platform
Easy to consume – You can literally watch videos on your mobile phone and in our experience, are generally preferred over reading text

Who should I use for a testimonial video for my business?

Legitimate customers who have had a positive experience with your business. In the age of internet fakery, people’s “B.S detectors” are on high-alert and using a fake testimonial has the potential to do more damage to your reputation than good.

If your customer providing the testimonial is well-known or holds a position of authority, this will also add to the legitimacy of your company.

The 5 “Must-Ask” questions for customer testimonial interviews

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What should my testimonial video include?

Your customer sharing their genuine experience with your business that speaks to your potential customers. Think about the things your customer most wants to know about doing business with you and have your interviewee address those things in testimonial.

Where should I post the video?

On your website.
Linked to it in your email signature.
On every social media platform that you have a business presence.

These videos should be included in as much marketing collateral as possible. However, just because it’s in the form of video doesn’t mean you can’t include it in print etc. Simply take what is said and transcribe it to written word and when possible, link it to the full video version.

Example – DG Firewood testimonial by Pizzas In The Mist restaurant owner – Excerpt from video used as written copy on the website (alongside the video) 

See the full video below;

When should I start creating testimonials?

As soon as you have customers who are willing to vouch for your business. The sooner you can create this content the better. You never know when your next ideal customer has begun to research your business, you don’t want to miss your opportunity to impress.

How many testimonials from customers should I collect?

Quality over quantity. We recommend somewhere between 3 and 5, however every business is different.
If you have multiple varying products and services, it’s a good idea to create separate videos for each type rather than trying to group unlike things together.