Education & Training

Education and training videos are instructional videos that aim to educate and inform viewers on a particular subject or skill. These videos can be used as the main source of training or as a supplement to in-person training.

These videos can be sold as an online course or utilised within companies to boost employee performance, enhance customer experiences, and demonstrate expertise.

By creating and distributing education and training videos, businesses have the opportunity to establish themselves as thought leaders and enhance their reputation in the industry.

Online Course Examples

Train with Volko – Full Site

Kitten Kindy – Full Site

Internal Training Examples

My First Gym: Fitness Buddy

NSW SES Grant Writing

Additional Services

Online LMS Setup

We can either assist you or complete the entire setup on platforms such as Teachable and Kajabi

Promotional Content

Promote and sell your course on social media with highly engaging cut-down versions of the content

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