Social Media Content

Social Media Videos are shorter versions optimised for social media platforms to reach a larger audience and drive engagement.

Producing high-quality and professional video content is important as it can impact a business’s reputation and establish them as industry leaders.

Well-crafted content helps businesses stand out and fosters a positive relationship with customers, leading to business growth.

Content Examples

Brydens Lawyers x Benji – Instagram Story

Kiama Council – Australia Day Reel / TikTok / YouTube Shorts

Get the most out of your content

Meet Pablo was a social media series where Atmosphere Productions documented the major milestones of a chihuahua’s early development and interactions with the veterinary clinic, Companion Animal Vet Hospital. These videos were cut down and produced to conform with the various platforms they were published to.

  • Consistent Branding

  • Use of Emojis

  • Compelling Hook-Heading

  • Characterisation (cartoon) of the subject

  • Subtitles

  • Clear call-to-action

  • Attention-grabbing thumbnail

Similar to a trailer for a movie, these social media cut-downs were used to drive traffic back to a dedicated landing page where viewers would learn the full story.

Vertical – Stories / Reels / TikTok / YouTube Shorts

Square – Facebook / LinkedIN / Instagram Feed

16×9 Full Episode – YouTube / Vimeo / Website

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